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Tel: 661 253 7853 

Email: theaterportfolio@calarts.edu


California Institute of the Arts

24700 McBean Parkway

Valencia, CA 91355


Mary Heilman

MFA Applied Arts Students for 2016 -2017



Nicole has found successes in theatre, film, and events. Her current works are concentrated in education, politics, and graphic design.


Minghuei Huang

Minghuei Huang is a MFA2 Applied Arts student will graduate in May 2017. Specialize in scenic painting, stop motion animation, stop motion puppet and set fabrication and art direction.



William Arthur Shirey is a graduating MFA candidate from Applied Arts within the school

of Theater’s Design and Production program. Shirey’s focus is finding a network of

collaborators who are dedicated to blurring the lines between reality and make believe.

Driven by a steadfast pursuit of harnessing the spirit of the inner child, and inspiring the

same in others, William Arthur’s process is fueled through the exploration of playology

and game design, and how those methodologies translate into creative design for live and

event based entertainment.


M. Alohi Southern

Alohi Southern is a Los Angeles based scenic artist, painting and sculpting scenery for theatre, themed entertainment, and television.

She holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Applied Arts from the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), where she trained under Mary Heilman.

When Alohi is not painting, she can be found researching (binge-watching Netflix), traveling, or covered in her cats.



Maura Takeshita is a MFA 2 specializing in scenic painting and small scale puppet and prop fabrication.


MICHELLE thompson

I am a Scenic Artist/Designer. Some of the projects I have worked on this year have been: Lead Scenic Artist for Moana Premiere, Scenic Artist for Star Wars Rogue One Premiere, Scenic Artist for Coachella, Scenic Artist for the NFL Hall of Fame, Scenic Artist for Hunchback of Notre Dame.



Ellie Valencia is a graduating Applied Arts student. She has worked on a wide range of projects during her time here at Calarts and excited for her next venture.



James Cox

James Cox is a native of Kentucky. He is fine arts trained and holds a teaching certification in art education. This spring at CalArts he was the charge artist for Medea while also participating in the WDI CalArts Educational Initiative. James' strengths are creating high-impact concept renderings and designs for themed entertainment.


Emma Gullo received her BFA in Scenic Design from Columbia College Chicago. She worked in Chicago as a scenic artist and assistant designer throughout her school career. Emma has also worked as a puppet designer and fabricator.

Vanessa Plaza Lazo

Vanessa is originally from Ecuador but started her Art Direction career in Argentina 6 years ago. Now, MFA1 Applied Arts, looking forward to combine new techniques from Scenic Arts and digital work to create new stages.


Allisyn Thompson

I am a scenic artist/designer with a theatre management background. Over this last year at Calarts, I have participated in being a scenic artist assistant for projects like the Moana Premier, Rouge One Premier, and Coachella along with furthering my studies in digital rendering, sculpting, and scenic painting.


Ellody WU

Ellody Wu is a Calarts MFA student in the Applied Arts program who takes on q hybrid-media approach in her creative process. She has worked as a visual artist and experience designer with various music and cultural festivals, as well as a creative director and solo actor for her show <The BlaCabin: Children’s Sounds Theatre>, which was awarded with a residency at National Taiwan Science Education Center. Ellody is currently focusing on designing interactive art for performance and immersive storytelling environment.