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Martha Ferrara

The Costume Designers for 2016 -2017




Beryl Brachman is a Los Angeles based costume designer, illustrator, and fabricator. Some of her recent credits include Nightwalk in the Chinese Garden (Dir. Stan Lai, Huntington Gardens), Dead Awaken (Dir. Brian Carbine, CalArts) Bayou Blues (Shaina Simmons, Edinburgh Fringe Festival) and the short film Mammoth (Dir. Ariel Heller, Chaplin Theater). She received her MFA in theater design from California Institute of the Arts.



lynn gross

Lynn Thonet Gross is a costume designer and fiber artist from the American prairie. Her body of work aims to communicate how the technology of a culture collaborates with the body. Lynn earned her BFA in Fiber Fine Art from The Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri. Recent credits: Seamripper (Co-director), Oblivious (Zheng/Hollywood Fringe Festival), Hamletmachine (Hashimoto), Ocean of Milk (Co-director/Prague Quadrennial), I Have a Big Name in Eternity (Harris), Situational Snafus/Black Lab (Quinn), Not Universally Sacred (The Milkman Collective).


yonit olshan

Yonit Olshan is a designer dedicated to the creation of costumes that visually transform stories and characters. Her work spans across theatre, opera, dance, film, and themed entertainment. Growing up in Israel has fueled Yonit’s passion for cultural exploration, and has guided her life in the arts from a young age. At CalArts, Yonit has worked on several projects that expounded upon her interest of incorporating technology, new materials, and conceptual sculpture into her designs. Productions she collaborated on include: JACKIE directed by Blake Harris, THE GLASS MOUNTAIN directed by Jonghee Woo, Choreographer Rosanna Gamson’s STILL/RESTLESS presented at RedCat, and Edgar Arceneux’s UNTIL UNTIL UNTIL with CNP. Yonit aspires to dream big, inspire thoughtfulness, and follow her imagination all over the world.




Maggie Clapis is graduating with a BFA in Costume Design. While at CalArts, she has designed for both theatre and dance. Additionally, she has worked professionally off campus on a number of film and theatre productions. In 2012, she graduated with an AAS in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and has since then worked in a number of costume shops around the country for theatres both on and off Broadway. In addition to Costume Design, she has a passion for travelling, and has been to every continent except Antarctica (for now).


While earning his BFA at CalArts, Jordan has explored the wonderful and vast world of costume design. He has enjoyed artistic projects in theater, film, and dance. Not only with CalArts, he has enjoyed working with USC School of Film and Theatricum Botanicum. Now graduating, Jordan continues to seek projects that emphasize the human condition throughout time.


Jocelyn Dimaya is an artist whose work includes costume design, sculpture, performative objects, and community engagements. Jocelyn is especially interested in how her art can promote diversity, community building, and social change.


Draney bio

Draney website


Meghan is an emerging Costume Designer graduating from the BFA program within the Theater School at CalArts. On each production her designs focus on storytelling and bringing the characters to life. She has both costume design and construction experience within the worlds of theater, opera, dance, and film. While at CalArts she has worked as the Concert Costumer for the School of Dance and taught the Costume Design section of the Production Class for Dancers. Professionally Meghan has worked on God Looked Away and The Fantasticks at The Pasadena Playhouse, Second Nature at The Music Academy of the West, and Descendants Transformation for Disney Interactive.




My name’s Claire Meler and I am a BFA 4 costume designer at CalArts. World

building is a huge passion of mine, be it through costume, screen writing, or creating the things that go bump in the night, and with the skills learned at and beyond CalArts, it is my intent to take these impossible worlds and make them a reality that inspires their audiences for years to come.

Zephyr Ramsay

Zephyr Ramsay is a costume designer who has applied her skills as both a designer and assistant on projects for both theatre and film in the last 3 years. Her interests have expanded into the realms of visual development and concept design over the years. Because of this, she participated in the WDI CalArts Educational Initiative, where she was mentored by industry professionals in the application of her designs to real world situations and cultivated good professional practices. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a career in the entertainment and video game industry as a concept artist.


Audrey Stanton

Audrey Stanton was born and raised in Marin County and is currently based in the greater Los Angeles area. Studying costume design has been a informative, as well as formative, experience. She has been heavily invested in sustainable fashion this past year and is currently focusing on pursuing an entrepreneurial route. Audrey has been surrounded by the arts since she can remember and hopes to continue to be for the rest of her life.



Christian found his way into the costume design world through the realm of cosplay, throwing together costumes of existing characters to dress as with friends. This hobby became a passion, more specifically, the act of braking down the specifics of a fictional character and translating them onto a living human. Although he often designs his own creations, Christian is more construction-inclined. Taking things apart to find out how they work and creating new ways to put things together makes the challenge all the more fun.




Cheng Bio

Cheng link


Edurne Fernandez is an international student from Mexico City. She is proud to be part of a large extended family. Her undergraduate studies focused on textile design. While in Mexico, she worked as a costume designer assistant and collaborated on the adaptation of Rock of Ages The Musical, among some other productions. She was active in dance competitions for 10 years as a dancer, choreographer and costume designer for school dance teams. Edurne has always been a creative and passionate woman who believes that if you want something you have to work for it. She is currently on her first year at CalArts and every day is a reminder of how much she loves collaborating in creative storytelling via costume design.

x. hill

x. is currently a Master’s of Fine Arts candidate at the California Institute for the Arts, studying costume design. 

x. holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in fashion design from Parsons School of Design and a Bachelor’s of Arts in psychology from Eugene Lang Liberal Arts College. 

While in New York, x. worked on several theatre shows on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-Off-Broadway. x. has also worked with choreographers and filmmakers as a costume designer, and aspires to work in film and television. 


Yuan Yuan LIANG

Yuan is currently pursuing her Master’s of Fine Arts candidate at the California Institute for the Arts. Focusing on costume design.
Yuan is also taking charge of private customization and costume design for performances since 2008. For years she has been dedicated to design. Possesses professional pattern house and high fashion customized showroom in Shanghai China.
She is a dreamer. Always has passion, fights for her dreams until she wins. What she believes is :” If it’s easy, it’s hardly worth doing.” She is always a happy girl. For her, a day without laughter is a day wasted.



Chardonnay (Costume Designer) has completed Costume Designing for Peer/Gynt (2017), Kolob (2017), and The Gunshot Medley (2016) and has assisted on The Glass Mountain (2016), HamletMachine (2015), and Dead Awaken (2015) at CalArts. She will be traveling with the CalArts Festival Theater company to bring The Gunshot Medley and THE END THE END THE END to the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Other recent credits include Costume Design for Booth (2017) and Dead Ringer (2016), Costume Design and Props on Spectre’s Hollow (2016), and Set Dresser and Construction on The Parlor of Oddities 2: Spectre’s Hollow (2016) with Model05 Productions. She has a BFA in Fibers from The Oregon College of Art and Craft. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Costume Design from CalArts.

Dorothy Qihui Zhu 

Dorothy Zhu is a costume / scenic designer who recently came into the discipline from a fine arts background. She is fond of sculpting materials to move with the anatomy of the human body, in order to help reshape the physical presence of performers. Her work at the moment focuses on investigating characters and the zeitgeist of their worlds.




Sami Clark is a Los Angeles based artist currently focusing in costume design. Her work reflects an exploration of light and color and strives to discuss psychological diversity.

liza DALLY

Liza Dally has been sewing since she was six years old. Since then she's also taken up knitting, crochet, metalsmithing, lapidary, embroidery, and millinery. She has worked in community, collegiate, and regional theatre as well as an artisanal jewelry studio. She believes that wearable art is not only a powerful form of self-expression, but can also serve to advance the cause of social justice. Her work is informed first and foremost by the sheer joy of making things, followed by functionality, historical research, realism, and equitable representation. Her background is primarily in theatre, but she is also interested in film and historical costume restoration.


Cameron Amelia is a costume designer, photographer, illustrator and professional mess-maker whose work combines disciplines to realize bizarre inhabitants of fantastical worlds. Her work probes the notions of identity, femininity, and consumption by toying with the boundary between arousal and disgust.



Robert Merkel has been lucky enough to explore his wide interests in design; designing both costume and scenic elements, and working in theater, dance, and video, both on and off campus. He is particularly interested in the ability of design, when unified, to create fully realized worlds and tell complex stories.

meredith PEEBLES

As Meredith has grown as an artist, she's become more specialized in her practice. For instance, she prefers designing for film over the other areas of costume design, and has also developed an interest in character driven scripts with a stylized perspective. In her design process, she focuses in on the story first. She feels that a clear visual representation of the garments she creates need a backstory as rich as the character. In order to do so she approaches design with an analytical eye by curating comprehensive concept boards that contain her research along with inspiration for the characters, and detailed hand painted renderings.



Quinn Bio

Quinn website