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California Institute of the Arts

24700 McBean Parkway

Valencia, CA 91355


Peter Flaherty

Interactive Media for Performance students for the year 2016 - 2017



Jesse Garrison is an LA―based multimedia artist and video designer. His work ranges from interactive installation to design for theater, dance and other performances. He uses a wide range of technology to examine the boundaries between the physical and digital, the performer and the audience. His work has incorporated everything from computer vision libraries and Augmented Reality SDKs to overhead projectors, colored oil and 35mm slides.
Recent stage work includes The Builders Association’s “Elements of Oz” (3LD), Only Child Aerial Theater’s “Asylum” (Skirball Center, Burning Coal), “Thread” and “Francesca, Francesca” at the Edinburgh Fringe, and numerous CalArts theater and dance productions. Recent installation work includes “The Woods,” an interactive exploration of our relationship with the forest, “VROM,” a biometric VR meditation experience, and “NewsPrint,” an anachronistic printing machine that combines social and obsolete media.



Over the course of his career Trey has crossed various roles in the world of live entertainment. Coming from a Theatrical background he began his career as a director and lighting designer specializing in site specific and immersive theatrical experiences. He eventually plunged into the world of Video for live performance working as a designer, associate designer, and media server programmer for a multitude of Broadway, off Broadway and National tours. Most recently his work has revolved around interactivity and spectatorship. This ranges from installation based interactive works to virtual reality experiences.
His work has varied in presentation from stage to gallery where he teases out the gap between spectator and art and how best to bridge this gap.



Christopher Jungwoo Kim

Christopher Jungwoo Kim is a video artist who has worked in various types of media. His focus is to merge the video element with various media, especially new technology such as projection mapping, hologram, and VR. His latest work, “Opening Project_Outframe (South Korea, 2016)”, was the huge projection mapping performance interacting with dance, video, and music. Christopher holds his B.F.A. in Digital Media Design from Hongik University in South Korea. Currently, he is on M.F.A. program in Interaction Media and Performance at CalArts.


Kam Ying Lee

Kamyi Lee is a visual artist hailing from Macau. She is currently studying for a Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media and Performance at the California Institute of the Arts. Working primarily in the medium of video art, Kamyi specializes in the fields of graphic design, cinematography, and art directing.  She is also interested in contemporary and experimental uses of digital media. Kamyi believes that visual art can progress beyond flat surfaces to further push the boundaries of the performing arts.


Shay Willard

Shay Willard is a filmmaker, interactive media designer, writer, and conceptual artist active in the Los Angeles area. He is interested in bringing interactivity to immersive environments through video and practical effects, and hopes to explore the artistic development of choice through laughter and evolving media. Shay has worked in theatrical production as well as theme design conceptualization, leveraging his skills in systems design and projection mapping to build spaces that welcome and amaze the audience, and encourage the consumer to explore both inside and out of the artistic space. Shay has earned his BS In TV from Ithaca, his MFA in Filmmaking from OU, and is working towards his second MFA – in Interactive Media and Live Performance – at CalArts now.


Shih-lien Eugene Yen

Shih-lien (Eugene) Yen, is an interactive media/video designer from Taipei, Taiwan. He is interested in reviving the memories, emotions, and mysteries embedded within tangible daily objects through mediated art forms. His works invite the audience/users to deconstruct then collage moving imagery and soundscape in order to create a narrative and landscape of their own.
His installation of interactive postcards and animation, The Concourse of Messages, has been selected for the Art gallery of SIGGRAPH Asia 2016. The piece started out as a gesture of personal gratitude and emotion-embedded objects, then expanded into an audience narrative experience.