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California Institute of the Arts

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Faculty: Anne Militello 
Lap-Chi Chu

Lighting Designers for the year 2016 - 2017




Matthew Baye was born and raised in Nebraska, where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film) in Design and Technical Production with an emphasis in Lighting. Matthew moved to Chicago and worked professionally in theater, dance, entertainment, television, and corporate events. He left Chicago and chose to pursue architectural lighting at California Institute of the Arts as a potential MFA Graduate of 2017. Outside of graduate school he worked at Vortex Lighting as a Studio Assistant and Draftsman, on Made LA as a Draftsman and Renderer, and as a Lighting Assistant Intern at the LA Opera. He currently works at CalArts as an electrician and TMB working in Technical Support on architectural, theater, and entertainment equipment as he finishes his master’s degree in May of 2017.



Alexander Freer is an American based lighting designer. His work tends to be multi-faceted and includes traditional theater, immersive and installation-based work, and architectural lighting design. Alexander has had the opportunity to present his work internationally in countries such as Russia, Iceland, The Czech Republic, Scotland, and Germany. Before moving to Los Angeles, Alexander worked in New York City as a Lighting Designer, Associate, Assistant, Electrician, and everything in between. He is expected to earn his MFA in Lighting Design in May of 2017 from CalArts, and holds a BFA in Technical Theater from Stephens College in Columbia Missouri. Alexander wants to continue working in traditional, experimental, and immersive theater, as well as art and installation-based work, opera, and architectural lighting design. He plans to stay in Los Angeles for the time being, but wants to ideally work on both coasts and internationally.



Jesse is a Los Angeles, CA based lighting designer from the east coast. He is receiving his MFA in Lighting Design from California Institute of the Arts. Previous designs include Shelter (CNP), Bayou Blues (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), and Second Woman (Bootleg Theatre). Shelter, written by Marissa Chibas and directed by Martín Acosta, was featured in the LA Times and on NPR (National Public Radio.)


Luke Garrity designs lighting for concerts, live events, dance and theatre.  He strives to create work that is unexpected and prefers to ask the question 'why not?' instead of stopping at 'why?'

Originally from Massachusetts, Luke received his MFA in Lighting Design from California Institute of the Arts.  Before attending CalArts he received a BS in Business Administration with a Minor in Theater from Northeastern University.

Living in Los Angeles, Luke works as a freelance Lighting Designer, Programmer, and Master/Production Electrician.  He is drawn to the freelance lifestyle because of the diversity of locations, different types of events, and the great people he connects with.

Luke has had an interest in lighting since childhood.  Coupling that passion with a love for music and live concerts led him to pursue a career as a Lighting Designer.



Rose Malone is a lighting designer and concept artist who uses a wide array of technologies and rendering techniques in her visual storytelling. Recently, she designed three shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with CalArts and Venue 13. Previously she had assisted with Deaf West Theatre’s production of Spring Awakening on Broadway as well as assisting on several shows in local Los Angeles venues ranging from The Geffen Playhouse to South Coast Rep. Some of her own productions in LA include designing Rachel Calof at the Pico Union Project, TedX Culver City at the Ivy Substation, and Dead Awaken at CalArts. Previously from Phoenix, she was a resident lighting designer for Grand Canyon University for two years.




Victor is a BFA-4 Lighting Design student. Some recent credits include EDEN Futurebound Tour(Lighting Director), ACLU Benefit ft. Wedidit at the Fonda Theatre (Lighting Director), and Martin Garrix at Sahara Tent(Production Assistant).



Cameron is an aspiring Los Angeles based Lighting Designer, Director, Programmer and Technical Director. Cameron studied and earned a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Design and Production from the School of Theatre at California Institute of the Arts in 2017. With strong work ethic, Cameron strives to achieve top-notch productions from start to finish. Aiming to grow and create a broad portfolio, Cameron has currently worked in theatre, concerts, festivals, television and corporate productions. Check out his portfolio for featured clients and projects.





Buck is primarily a lighting designer for theatre, dance, and concerts. In the LA area, they have designed at the Ford Amphitheatre for Invertigo Dance Theatre, as well as Automata Theater for Maureen Selwood. At CalArts, they have designed lights for: Travis Preston ("Fantômas", Winter 2016); Scarlett Kim ("Salon Medea Miasma", Spring 2017); Paola Escobar ("Red Dots, Black Holes", Thesis Spring 2017; "two way road", Spring 2016); Leslie Scott ("Most Famous Mixtape", Thesis Spring 2016; "herd", Spring 2016); Edgar Arceneaux ("Until, Until, Until", Fall 2015). At CalArts they have been learning and expanding their skills of drafting, 2D/3D rendering, video creation and editing, and immersive experience creation, as well as continuing to work in their lighting métier, especially expanding their skills as a programmer for ION/EOS and GrandMA1/2. They are originally from North Carolina, by way of NYC.


Pei-Yu is currently an MFA1 Lighting Designer at CalArts. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and Theatre (double majored in Social Science) from National Taiwan University. She has worked in variety area including the Theatre, architecture renewal, film/video and the exhibition. Her past productions of lighting design include The Anatomy of a Struggle(CalArts), Bayou Blues(CalArts), PLAYS(Tainaner Ensemble), Seek Beckett(The Double Theatre), Le Balcon(NTU). Her interest is to explore into the complicated relationship between the forms of lighting and space, visualizing the invisible qualities.

Briana Pattillo

Bri is a Lighting Designer from Los Angeles focusing mainly on theatrical design. She is interested in light art, act activism, theatre of witness, and creating experiences.



Alex Peck is from the small town of Spooner, WI where he started as an actor at a small community theater, Theatre in the Woods. He holds a B.A. from University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.
He is an MFA 2 graduate student studying Lighting Design at the California Institute of the Arts. He specializes in Theatre, Light Installations. He is currently studying Architectural Lighting under the mentorship of Anne Militello.
He has a background of technical work in theater, control systems, and personnel management that has complimented his work as an artist. He can bring organization and solution-oriented collaboration to large teams of artists, technicians, vendors, designers.



Dylan is a lighting designer primarily interested in the integration of the mundane and common into theatrical modes, or lighting performance with cars, or subverting mechanism of a common switch, or manipulating table lamps of a coffee shop into live portraiture performance, or putting a full dance rig into a sixteen foot box truck. In Atlanta, he lit concerts, dance, pop-up galleries, installation, theatre, performance art, corporate displays, taxidermy, and quite a few dumpsters.



Benjamin Wilson is a Colorado native who earned his undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Theater from Boston College. A passion for creative problem solving and storytelling led Ben to pursue a masters in Lighting Design from California Institute of the Arts. As lighting designer, Ben comes from a background in theater and seeks multifaceted design work in theater, architecture, and themed entertainment.



william dang

I am a Lighting Designer and Technical Director working toward my undergraduate degree at the California Institute of the Arts. I am passionate about telling stories, creating places, and designing experiences mainly through the medium of light. It is my hope that I am able to apply my passion and skills to create new worlds and experiences for guests to enjoy and be a part of.


Joshua Lowenstein

I am a lighting designer and programmer from Berkeley, California. My primary focus is live music and event lighting. I have been a musician for over twelve years and I became interested in concert lighting through working for a DJ company programming lights for their events.


Jake Maize

Jake Maize is currently pursuing a BFA in lighting design from the California Institute of the Arts. One of the great joys in his life is being able to apply his passion for light and storytelling and apply it to his work. His love of theatre comes from its capacity to reveal perspectives other then his own and to create a space to have a conversation about it. Jake strives to understand so that he can then help share those perspectives with others.



Matt is pursuing his BFA in lighting design at CalArts. At a young age he became fascinated with graphic design and theater. Matt started out in theatrical lighting design for seven years during middle and high school. During his last year in high school he started to pursue lighting for concerts and nightlife. This resulted in busking lighting and video for Club Vinyl in Denver. This then lead Matt to revisit his love for graphic design through motion graphics and content design. He later created content for G. E. M. for her performance at the QQ Music Awards. He also recently created a content package with over 200 VJ loops and images for the media server ImageCue.



Noah Ulin is a lighting designer currently living and working in Los Angeles, California. He is a BFA3 Lighting Design student focusing on dance and theater design. He has been working in Lighting Design for over 8 years now.  Noah most recently designed When Do We Forgive Ourselves Or, The Study of a Narcissist in the Coffeehouse Theater at CalArts. Other credits include A View From the Bridge at Pacific Resident Theater in Venice, CA, The Underground: From the Streets to the Stage at The Bovard Auditorium at USC, Assistant lighting designer at The Theater@Boston Court in Pasadena, CA, lighting assistant at Lincoln Center Theater in New York, and intern to Kevin Adams on the off-broadway production of Rent.


Josephine Pu-Sheng Wang

Josephine Pu-Sheng Wang was born and raised in Taiwan, received a BS in Computer Science from NCU, Taiwan. She is now earning her BFA in Theatre Lighting Design at CalArts, USA. In Taiwan, Josephine worked freelance as a lighting designer and sound technician for music performances, political movements in both indoor and outdoor venues. She also initiated events collaborating music with social issues. In California, her lighting design works include FishEyes by Heidi Duckler Dance Theater, The Glass Menagerie directed by James Franco, CalArts Digital Arts Expo. She joined El Acercamiento project, bringing her artwork to Cuba in 2017. Josephine speaks Mandarin, Taiwanese and English. Benefiting from different cultural backgrounds and previous professional experience, she hopes to be a technological innovator in the field of concert design - lighting, visual and stage, and dedicate her life to pursuing social justice and human rights all over the world.