Harlan Epstein

Harlan Epstein is a queer multi-disciplinary artist and writer working primarily in the theater space. Brought up in London by American parents, Harlan has a natural affinity for the liminal, with work that often blurs the line between external and internal, real and felt. The ready accessibility of London theater, combined with a knack for irreverence, led at once to an affinity for and a disillusionment with the stagnation of ‘ the western canon’. Harlan’s work is often in dialog with the mainstream of theater, from Sophocles to Shakespeare, Ibsen to Irving Berlin, with approaches that range from interrogation and adaptation to outright destruction.Harlan is looking for work as a dramaturg, as well as for funding to develop a minimal, experimental revival of Nine, Maury Yeston and Arthur Kopit’s Tony-award-winning 1982 musical based on Federico Fellini’s classic of existential surrealism, 8 1/2. And just funding in general, to be honest.