Jake Siekman

Growing up in my house was a unique experience. My mother was a producer and my father was a technical director. Two creative people whose home projects often looked like their work. As a result, my brothers and I were their home improvement production crew. My parent’s work always fascinated me though, and in high school, I got an opportunity to work for my dad onsite. The first day on the job, before the crew had arrived, he looked at me and said, “here’s the deal. If I’m sweating you better be bleeding.” Recognizing the joking tone in his voice, I laughed, but I knew that he was setting an expectation. We’re here to work hard and get the job done well. Whatever it takes.In an odd way, that line from my dad has set the tone for my career. I’m Jake Siekman and I bring designs to life with a passion. While at CalArts I’ve served as the technical director for King Lear, (Un)Covered, and Uncle Vanya, and the assistant technical director for Black Like Me. Earlier this year I had the honor of working as the draftsperson for the United States Presidential Inauguration.