Katherine Paez Froehlich

Katherine Paez Froehlich is an LA-based Creative Producer and Production Manager with a background in live events, theatre, and themed entertainment. Katherine is fascinated by communication, building connections with others, and building a community through the arts and themed entertainment. As a Latina, she is a huge advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the stories she helps bring to life and in the makeup of her teams. Katherine values collaboration, open communication, transparency, and authenticity. Katherine believes that each member of the team plays an important and integral part in bringing a performance to life. She believes that through immersive entertainment, we can create magical worlds while sharing new and diverse stories from around the globe. An important part of Katherine’s practice is creating nurturing and collaborative spaces. She believes that, in creating a collaborative space where creativity flows freely, imagination takes the wheel, and we can push ourselves to new heights as artists. Katherine received her undergraduate degree in Stage Management from Florida International University. Prior to her time at CalArts, she has worked with Universal Studios Hollywood on several projects including Halloween Horror Nights, Secret Life of Pets: Off The Leash, and Super Nintendo World! Katherine has also worked with amazing theatre companies such as City Theatre, the Orlando Repertory Theatre, the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, and The Industry Opera. Katherine looks forward to connecting with you!