Megan Parish

Hello, I’m Megan, thank you for taking a look at my portfolio page. I am a scenic artist-turned-designer with a special place in my heart for the macabre things in life. I have experience in scenic installation, project and team management, and artistic finishing work. I hold an undergraduate degree in theatre technology from Chapman University, where I studied scenic construction. I quickly entered the world of scenic painting at southern California’s theme park Halloween haunts while earning my degree and I fell in love with the work. After graduating, I continued working in theme parks both as a freelance scenic artist and as an installation crew lead. I am a themed entertainment and immersive experience enthusiast. I will research every aspect of a story for my designs, with a careful attention to detail and quality. I do my best work in creative, fast paced environments. During my time at CalArts, I studied and refined my knowledge of visual communication, utilizing programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and SketchUp to realize immersive, engaging concept designs. I like to add an eerie twist to my work whenever I can. Being the Spring 2021 project lead and production designer of Beyond the Veil is the highlight of my academic career and building this artistic project from the ground up with my team of designers has been a delight. I hope to continue to design and lead immersive experiences in the future.