Nicholas Sasano

I am on my own hero’s journey, and with hard-earned lessons under my belt, I eagerly await the chance to share what I have learned as I answer the call to my next adventure. My journey thus far has taught me that flying into unknown places as I did as a child (and as I currently enjoy doing more than anything else), is essential. As I continue on this journey, I believe that courage, along with a preoccupation with filling empty spaces, and sharing those spaces with the world, will equally inform my own artistic development. What is my next adventure in this wild, predictably- unpredictable journey? While it may indeed be true that you never know, of one thing I am certain: I see a million empty spaces to fill, not only with a healthy appreciation for what once was, but more importantly, with my dreams and visions of the beautiful and inclusive Tomorrow that may be, and a strong desire to share my vision with the world around me!