Robert G. Hill-Guarino

Hi, I am Robert G. Hill-Guarino and I am a BFA 3 lighting designer with an interest in the performing arts. I have a passion for telling stories and working with others. I am interested in exploring stories that lie on the path less traveled and understanding the world in new ways through theater, dance, and opera. At CalArts I have worked on three student-led projects: "You on the Moors Now", "Burlesque", and "I Hear So Extremely Loud". It is of great importance to me to craft and sculpt light in a way that best supports the story being told and an integral part of achieving that goal is working with my peers. Furthermore, I strive to cultivate a deep understanding of all aspects, be they political, cultural, emotional, or historical, of the story I am telling. Engaging critically with the story I am telling helps me become a better person and a better artist. Every day, I endeavor to improve my understanding of the world and further develop my artistic practice. I am always looking for new teams to work with and for new stories to tell, so please drop me a line if you ever want to chat about an upcoming project.