Ry Burke

Our world provides a constant barrage of stimulation, an overwhelming influx of information enters our senses daily. But ever since our ancestors first named the constellations, we've been finding patterns in chaos, connections across space/time, and beauty in our surroundings. And the best part of being human is our ability to turn all this beautiful chaos into meaning through storytelling.

My enduring love of color led me through transgressing gender, past physics classes, and towards a life in theater, painting with light.

When I design with light, I feel as though I am performing magic, or composing energy.

Lighting Designers are wizards, manipulators of spectacle, speaking spells aloud to affect the atmosphere, conjuring emotions from colors, shapes, and sources.

Lighting Designers are scientists, masters of Pythagoras's Theorem, calculating levels and lumens, balancing all the elements of a theatrical equation.

Light is hope in a dark time. What power we have, as we paint with light, to work with a medium that inspires those of us looking up at the stars.

Why would I want to do anything else?

For even when I’m afraid of the future, everyday I can find hope in the little moments.

Every time I see rainbows in the rays of light refracting through my glasses.

Every time I see sunlight shining through leaves to dapple my skin.

Every time I see the sun set against a unique gradient of colors.

Every time the house lights dim, and the audience quiets,

when everyone in the room breathes together,

and the lights go.