Jayden S. Chien

Production Designer / Art Director / Scenic Designer Jayden S. Chien is an artist based in Los Angeles and Taiwan who holds a BFA degree in Experience Design and Production from CalArts.He considers himself a designer who weaves tales through his art, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and people.Jayden collaborates with artists across various disciplines to create unique and captivating experiences for audiences in different mediums, including films, theaters, concerts, and immersive productions.His portfolio includes a range of projects, with his work highlighted as a co-main stage designer in the live event “Retro Rave” (2021), co-scenic designer for the dance performance “Forbidden” (2020), and production designer for films such as "Parking Lot" (2021), "Ordinary Saturday" (2022), "Notice" (2022), "The Church" (2022), "Ash" (2022), and the web series "Mega Ball" (2023).Currently, he is working on the production design for the short film "The Dust Settles" and "Who Let The Girls Out," as well as serving as Co-Scenic Designer for CalArts' 2023 50th Anniversary Graduation Ceremony.