Violet Smith

Violet Smith is an artist interested in light, glass, and paint. Her practice focuses on living a creative life. She believes lighting design is watercolor painting in a 3D space and that the world is a painting in motion. While Lighting Design leads the way for this creativity, she works to cultivate a space where her artistry can move beyond the stage and into her everyday life. She believes being a well rounded designer means being a well rounded artist as a whole and seeks out collaboration in other disciplines and fields. Her previous work has ranged from lead theatrical design ( The Great River Shakespeare Festival, Cardinal Stage Company, Emens Auditorium ) to theatrical assisting ( A Red Orchid Theatre, Lookingglass Theatre, Drury Lane, The Mercury ) to installation ( Chicago Scenic Studios ) to event work ( NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, FFA National Convention, ASAE National Convention ) and she’s spent the past year working in virtual reality design ( To Remember A Friend ). She is interested in mixed media art and her next cup of coffee.