Winky Kim

Every opening night brings forth a gust of exhilaration through my veins. The blood, sweat, and tears of the director, designers, actors, and stage crew, molded into a unique piece of art to be exhibited for the first time. A vision carved into the pages of the writer brought to life by the careful craftsmanship of an army of actors and crew. A story manifesting under raw lights to soon be showcased. The stimulation and the thrill one feels is unexplainable in mere words. This is what I seek. I am an adrenaline junkie who feeds on the delightful art called theater. I’ve attended an international school for most of my high school career, and I’ve been privileged to work with incredibly diligent, persevering, actors, technicians and performers. They’re different ethnicities and backgrounds allowed shows to be the most creative process I’ve ever been through. They’ve given countless hours to their craft of Theatre and performing. During that time, I served as stage manager in the theater department. Being around their contagious energy allowed me to work towards being as diligent and persevering as them. The position of assistant stage manager is not a menial job, and for me to even have that experience is quite amazing. To be able to work around others in an environment where you’re not just considered a “background observer” really resonates with the person I am. Working around my peers who do theater with vigor and tenacity, I have seen that despite having to work countless, tiresome hours towards a performance, they still managed to keep themselves together.