Woori Kim

Woori Kim is an artist who works for various creative fields in visual arts based on Los Angeles and South Korea. She is interested in multiple artistic fields, such as music, theater, painting, dance and film, and collaborating with artists who are in other fields. She is a person who keeps to support and voice out for the marginalized communities. With these thoughts, she, as an artist, expects herself creating artworks that could contribute to society in the future.Her work has been seen in 2021 CalArts Halloween(Co-Scenic Designer, 2021); Independent Project, Ga Si Ri(Director/Scenic Designer, 2022); CalArts School of Theater Production, The Great Gatsby(Scenic Designer, 2022);Dance Thesis, MAKOR(Scenic Designer, 2023); CalArts School of Theater Production, Seven Hoshi(Scenic Designer, 2023). Currently she is also working on CalArts 50th Anniversary Graduation(Co-Scenic Designer, 2023).