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California Institute of the Arts

24700 McBean Parkway

Valencia, CA 91355

Faculty: Michael Darling
Paul diPietro

Technical Directors for the year 2016 - 2017




Brian Gilmartin is a professional technical director and project manager. He has an AA, a BFA, and most recently, an MFA in Technical Direction. He possesses a diverse set of skills that range from drafting, budgeting, and logistics, to physical skills such as carpentry, welding, and rigging. He is a strong leader and has led many teams to successful outcomes. He is able to devise and implement solutions to problems in the design process as well as on-the-fly while on site. He has worked with a diverse set of companies and projects, widely ranging in size and scope.



Zach Golden is a Technical Designer for the Entertainment Industry. He has spent the last three years at CalArts refining his skills in this area. Finishing his undergraduate degree from Texas Christian University in Theater Production in 2014, Zach moved to Los Angeles to attend CalArts. While at Calarts Zach was the Technical Director on two shows in the Walt Disney Modular Theater, the School of Theatre’s Production of "Hamletmachine" and CNP’s Production of "Fore!". As well as the Technical Designer for numerous other elements within School of Theater’s production. These productions forged skills in technical design, project management, drafting and construction methods. Zach is graduating from Calarts in May with a Master’s in Fine Arts with a focus in Technical Direction.


Crystal is an MFA3 in Technical Direction who has been working on concert lighting and arena rigging for six years. She has been the Technical Director for the last two CalArts Halloween parties and Graduations. Crystal has been the Technical Director for two school of theater productions Peer/Gynt and House of Gold. She was the Master Electrician on Drag Ball this year. She is interested in touring and project management.



Dominick Gokgoz

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. An avid pursuer of the arts, I chose to start a career in theater production and entertainment design. I attended California Institute of the Arts surrounded by some of the most innovative minds in the field. My education at the institute has prepared me for any obstacle and my dedication to you and your project is ensured. Whether it be a technical drawing for your latest idea , fabrication of an already completed design, or consultation on the possibility of a project I can provide the tools and ability to see your ideas become realities.




Cristian Gomez is currently a BFA 4 Technical director. A few of his previous credits include: Supervisor of the Walt Disney Modular Theater, Lead technical director for Cloud Land, Lead T.D. for KOLOB, A.T.D. for “No Homo”, and Element supervisor for numerous theater school productions. Previously he has also worked for LA Propoint, and JT Studio among others.


Kano is a BFA-4 Technical Director graduating in May of 2017. He has a background in theatre, but loves to work on live events and themed entertainment projects. Kano's biggest strengths would be his skills in 2D and 3D drafting and the ability to adapt and learn new things quickly.





Monique Goeders is a UCSD graduate with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. After a couple of years of working in production companies, she decided to head back to school to further her theater and entertainment education, and couldn't be happier. She is detail-oriented and is a fast learner. She also loves to challenge herself and is always eager to learn.

Mitchell Leitschuh

A former New York City based freelance carpenter, I am currently pursuing my MFA in Technical Direction at the California Institute of the Arts. I am a carpenter and stagehand by trade eager to develop my skills as a draftsman and project manager. I have experience leading smaller crews and managing smaller projects but am eager to work at a higher echelon of professional theater. After earning my degree, I am most interested in working in theater, however, I have also worked in opera and would be very interested in gaining more experience in this field. It occurred to me in the last year that I have spent more than half my life in theater, and though I have explored other fields, I cannot imagine any other line of work.

Christopher Malison

Chris is an experienced technical designer with a demonstrated history of working in theatre and, more recently, themed entertainment. Skilled in budgeting, carpentry, metal fabrication, and structural design. Thrives in diverse work environments with teams who want to push the boundaries of design and fabrication. Chris is interested in expanding his professional network, both on and off the golf course.

Adam Tantillo

I am in my second year pursuing my MFA in Technical Direction from California Institute of the Arts. I worked professionally in the San Fransisco Bay Area for six years before moving to LA to pursue my MFA and a career in technical theatre and themed entertainment.


Rachel Behrman

Rachel is a candidate for Bachelor of Fine Arts in Technical Direction at CalArts with experience in theater and live events.  Before attending CalArts, she attended a film program and is interested in getting back into film production.  While she mostly focuses on technical direction and carpentry, she has also been a part of lighting and sound crews.   


william dang

I am a Lighting Designer and Technical Director working toward my undergraduate degree at the California Institute of the Arts. I am passionate about telling stories, creating places, and designing experiences mainly through the medium of light. It is my hope that I am able to apply my passion and skills to create new worlds and experiences for guests to enjoy and be a part of.


Francisco De Leon

De Leon Bio

De Leon Website

Brandon Mendoza

Brandon is currently a 3rd year student here at CalArts. Determined to get his BFA in Technical Direction, he is dedicated to explore new ways and new places in which will benefit him in his career. Being first introduced to theater as a freshman in high school, his interest in theater has only grown. Working alongside his peers he has taken part of many productions and seeks to one day work alongside a great team.

Stephanie Rios

Stephanie is a BFA-3 in the Technical Direction program. She was first introduced to Theater in High School and from there, realized she wanted to fulfill that career. Stephanie enjoys doing detail oriented work and has been a part of several productions throughout her years at CalArts. She is interested in expanding her technical skills in and outside of Theater.