Max Okst

My name is Max Okst, and I am a Lighting Designer presently based in LA. I specialize in lighting design for architecture, theatre, and live events. I am currently a second-year graduate student at The California Institute of Arts pursuing an MFA in Lighting Design. I recently received my BFA in Theatre Production and Design from Ithaca College. I am originally from Long Island, NY, and am interested in exploring the artistic and cultural differences between the East and West coasts. My goal as a designer is to create engaging and immersive experiences for audiences and guests. I strive to create spaces that are meaningful, intentional, and visually captivating. I believe the best way to achieve this is through innovation, dedicated collaboration, and thoughtful storytelling. As a lighting designer, I am fascinated with the movement of the sun and its transformation of our spaces. The progression of color, angle, shadow, and intensity throughout the day inspire my choices as a designer. I believe it is our job as artists to capture and reveal the beauty that exists all around | IG: