Housed in the CalArts School of Theater, Experience Design and Production converges studies in nARRative, immersion, environments, behavior, dramaturgy, fabrication and interactivity.
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CalArts Expo
Dedicated to the development of new voices and new forms, the CalArts School of Theater is one of the preeminent training grounds in the country, designed to educate the whole person and to prepare fully equipped theater artists to transform the field. We offer students an educational experience that is experimental, interdisciplinary, international, and diverse. Each unique Program gives students the flexibility, skills, and critical thinking tools to navigate a rapidly changing field and to pursue their professional goals with maximum agency.
CalArts Expo
Reflecting CalArts’ experimental ethos, the Institute’s CalArts Expo features creatively adventurous and imaginative projects by students, faculty, and alumni representing every school at CalArts. Expo 2024 highlights the immense creativity of the CalArts community and confronts new artistic and performative challenges of our current pandemic landscape in a profound and creative way.