Clare Marie Nemanich

I am a theater sound designer, experimental artist, and performer. My sonic explorations leave no stone unturned–objects, instruments, pet chickens that play instruments (and sure, leaves and stones) all have a place in my electroacoustic palette. I use equal parts impulse and intention to craft layered sonic and visual performances solidly rooted in the best kind of dramaturgy–that which allows space for the things we can’t define. These performances pose questions about consumption, animal exploitation, and vicious heteronormative cycles and have been described as “funny, but also not.”I learned early that there are no mistakes in art. You can make something out of anything, and the world of self expression is much too big to let tradition limit your curiosities. I saw later that the definitions of music and composition are vast, and now I can’t unsee this. You’ll find me hanging around after your show, waiting to ask my favorite question: How did you do that?!