Winky Kim

Artistic Statement:

Winky Kim is an international multilingual stage and production manager, she orchestrates a symphony of creativity across linguistic boundaries. With a deft touch, she harmonizes diverse cultures, languages, and visions, crafting immersive experiences that transcend borders. Her expertise as a stage manager shapes dreams into tangible realities, meticulously sculpting sets and cues with boundless innovation. Yet, amidst the logistics, they remain an artist at heart, infusing every detail with intention and passion. Through her work, she invite audiences on a journey where the universal language of art unites and inspires, fostering connections that transcend mere words.


Winky Kim is an international multilingual artist from Hong Kong and South Korea currently located in LA. Her selected SM credits include Center for New Performance (Etta and Ella on the Upper West Side); CalArts School of Theater (The Great Gatsby and Everybody). Winky’s selected Deck Crew experiences are for Geffen Playhouse (Tiny Father) and Center for New Performance (The Carolyn Bryant Project). Winky has also worked Production Management for CalArts School of Theater (The Overcoat).