Ryan Meglino

My name is Ryan, and I'm an experience and themed entertainment designer born and raised in New York City, and presently based in Los Angeles, California. Currently, I'm in my third year at California Institute of the Arts studying for a BFA in Experience Design, and I work as an Associate Show Set Designer at American Scenic Design, doing what I love every day! I'm a storyteller first and foremost, and I want to push the boundaries of experience-based entertainment. I've aways been interested in theme parks and events that emphasize immersivity, and hope to work in the field to create exciting worlds and tell unique and immersive stories.​Alongside this, I enjoy watching movies, playing the latest video games, and if I'm not at school or designing, you'll most often find me at Disneyland, out in the park!​I'm open to internships and employment opportunities while I work towards my degree, and you can feel free to contact me through my contact page, or directly at ryanmeglino@alum.calarts.edu.