Bonnie Kim

Bonnie (Bohyeon) Kim is a scenic designer, sculptor, painter, and printmaker based in Los Angeles and Seoul. She has been a contemporary artist, mostly sculpture and installation, and currently expanding her artistic interest in the Film/Theater industry as a BFA 1 student in Experience Design and Production program at California Institute of the Arts. She is majoring in scenic design, minoring in digital arts, and constantly explores interdisciplinary fields - contemporary and experimental arts, video, photography, and science. Her artistic experiments are not only confined to set design but encompass a range of designs and performances through her personal works. She has accomplished experiences through diverse extracurricular activities, which let her have opportunities to interact with other departments in art actively and practice cooperatively. She won multiple prizes for her artworks and sports, as well as had experience working as a Nike designer before she started her Bachelor’s degree. During her first year at CalArts, she has worked as a scenic designer/art director in various interdisciplinary works – Tsipekua, PS3 Seven Hoshi, Drag Ball, ¿Cuántas Más?, Bithces Kill Bitches, Marlena and the Mantis Men, and Minced Meat. She is also a current member of the Coffeehouse Theater Committee and worked as a Teaching Assistant for Janie Geiser’s class. She has participated in several art contests worldwide.