Ariel Ling-An Huang

Ariel is an LA-based storyteller who was born and raised in Taiwan. At the California Institute of the Arts, she is currently pursuing a degree in scene design for theater. Her art mostly consists of interpreting narratives through the use of material texture and lighting. She has recently become interested in using theater and film to create surreal experiences. Additionally, Ariel plays the roles of a photographer and a program producer. She graduated with a BA in 2020 from Shih Chien University, where she studied product design.Theater, movies, exhibitions, entertainment, and interior design are among Ariel's creative endeavors. Her most recent piece, Dear Rosie! (2020), had 1,600,000 views at one point. One of her greatest achievements was creating a series of films to promote the massive event DaCity (2020), which featured Taiwanese rappers. It generated more spectators for the culture and the ensuing concerts, just as in the producer, scriptwriter, and production designer responsibilities.