Benny Pitt

Benny Pitt is a multi-disciplinary theatre artist who creates spaces that facilitate unexpected, layered, and thought-provoking storytelling. With a background in directing, he believes that generous, rigorous collaboration is the key to creating meaningful and memorable work. Benny is drawn to the immediate, artificial nature of live performance, he seeks to make spaces that exploit theatricality. As a designer, he has worked at The Tank, CalArts, Movement Research, Dixon Place, Playwrights Downtown, NYU Tisch, Hunter College, and on commercial projects for Absolut Vodka and Stanley Steemer. As an assistant, he has worked with Chris Barreca, Frank Oliva, Efren Delgadillo Jr., Deb O, and Ásta Bennie Hostetter. Benny holds an MFA in Experience Design and Production from CalArts and a BFA in Theatre from NYU Tisch.