Kianna Ruesga

Hello and welcome to my little world. My name is Kianna Ruesga, and I am a scenic designer from Simi Valley, California. In my work, I seek to capture beauty, emphasize detail, create unique silhouettes, and utilize colors and textures that elevate an audience’s experience. I believe in structural integrity, to ALWAYS measure twice, and to extend the world of every show I work on beyond what you see at first glance. I put great care, attention, and intention into each wall I build, every piece of furniture I reupholster, each piece of set dressing I choose, to every piece of molding I paint. I am passionate about building beautiful worlds for others to experience. The skill I have gained from the last few years has lit a fire in me to want to create more, and collaborate with others. I believe all good art is a product of an amazing team. I hope to not only create something beautiful, but to build relationships, engage with audiences in meaningful ways, and above all, support voices and stories that have an ability to impact our world.