Qi Liu

Qi Liu, born in 1988 in Beijing, China, is an interdisciplinary artist working in multiple media including photography, sculpture, and installation. She returned to campus to pursue her B.F.A. in Photography and Media at CalArts in 2019. At second year in Calarts, Liu intends to expand her study and practice to painting, installation, sculpture and other forms of art as the carrier of expression. So she applied for the interschool program in Calarts, then she began to learn Scene Design. Liu likes exploring the smallest things around her, to observing the change of history and the relationship among people.In these years in Calarts, Liu has worked as an assistant for many theaters plays and films, and this year she independently complete the scene design and production of a theater play and a film. These jobs have left her with a wealth of experience, which she believe will be of great help to her future adventure in the art.