Holly Joy Webb

Holly Webb, a BFA 3 student at the California Institute of the Arts, is on a journey towards earning a B.A. in Experience and Production Design, coupled with a minor in Digital Arts Media. At her core, Holly is a passionate storyteller, working in various mediums including theatre, television, film, and art installations. Throughout her time so far at CalArts, Holly has worked on of productions, including "El Mysterio," "Here Be Sirens," "God Of Zilla-A 30 minute window," "Yellows Fog Horn" (Thesis film), "Marvello and the Technicolor Technician," and many more.She has also pursued her passion for fabrication, exploring its intricacies and possibilities. As she nears the culmination of her third year, Holly eagerly anticipates the opportunity to develop her own PS4 show in her final year, alongside other exciting projects she has in store.